When does PhiDE have recruitment?
We recruit new members in the Fall and Spring.

What do your Greek letters stand for?
Philanthropy, Deity, Education and Equity

What is your motto?
Facta Non Verba, Deeds Not Words

What are your fraternity colors?
Purple and Ivory

I thought fraternities only recruited men?
Many fraternities do, however Phi Delta Epsilon is Co-Ed! We are the ONLY Co-Ed MEDICAL Fraternity on campus.

What does being a professional fraternity mean?
Exactly what it sounds like! PhiDE is a group of individuals who are dedicated to education and our path to medical school. As actives members, we keep the image and principles of the fraternity intact at all times and we hold the upmost respect for school as well as maintaining a professional image. 


I am very fortunate to be a part of Phi Delta Epsilon—an organization that I truly consider to be my extended family. My brothers and sisters display dedication and excellence in all their endeavors, whether it may be towards academia, leadership, or service to the community.
— Samantha V. Tran, Gamma Class