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The Davis CA Kappa Chapter will be recruiting for Spring 2020, and this is your opportunity to be a part of a growing family of over 35,000 brothers with the same goal of becoming a doctor. We encourage you to join us in achieving academic, social, career, and lifelong success. Our resources are geared to those who are particularly interested in the pre-medical route. 

Phi Delta Epsilon International Medical Fraternity’s members not only cover across the United States, but span across the world. Founded in 1904 on the principles of Philanthropy, Deity, Equity, and Education, Phi Delta Epsilon has evolved into a co-ed organization that seek to foster the growth of students to become the future doctors of the world. Whether you’re looking for experience in the medical field, mentorship to help you get into medical school, or a family to help foster your growth into a future doctor, PhiDE at UCD can help you! One of our strongest characteristics is that we create a family-like environment for our members. Whether it be studying through the night, or having a gym buddies, there is always someone in the fraternity that you can turn to.

As a pre-medical chapter, PhiDE at UCD aims to develop the skills necessary to achieving the ultimate goal of becoming a medical doctor, while providing a family who that is working towards the same goal. 


Thank you for your interest in Phi Delta Epsilon. Our Fall Rush has ended. Should you wish to rush in the future, we will hold our Spring Rush during spring quarter of 2020.

For any questions and concerns, please contact:
Janesa Moser
(209) 628-9547


rush: frequently asked questions

Why Phi Delta Epsilon?
PhiDE is the oldest and largest medical fraternity in the world.  We are well-recognized and well-established. We have medical and premedical chapters all over the world. Our members have gone on to become doctors, health professionals, deans, professors, and well-respected members of the community. Statistics show that 92% of PhiDE members who apply to medical school are admitted. In addition, we offer Regional and International conventions where you can meet other chapters and alumni. This provides a invaluable experience as you will get the opportunity to network with doctors and other members who have become successful in the healthcare industry. Most importantly, we provide a social and professional support system that is needed in a campus environment.

Who joins/rushes Phi Delta Epsilon?
We are the UC Davis pre-medical chapter of an international medical fraternity. Pre-meds of all majors are welcomed to rush for PhiDE. We highly encourage any student who is actively pursuing a career in the medical field to join. As a co-ed fraternity, members of both genders are eligible.

Does Phi Delta Epsilon haze?
Absolutely not. Hazing is against campus regulations and California laws. Hazing is unacceptable especially for a well-established and well-recognized fraternity like PhiDE. We plan on maintaining its professional aspect by following an anti-hazing policy.

What is the difference between a professional and social fraternity?
Phi Delta Epsilon is a professional fraternity where our aim is to create a bond between future physicians. Professional fraternities offer support and insight into helping their members in academics and professional endeavor. This goal is achieved through professional, philanthropic, and social events.

What is expected of me?
We urge you to put in as much effort possible as it will benefit you and your class. Taking time to interact with other members outside of meetings will bring you closer to the true meaning of brother/sisterhood. Also, we expect you to come out to most, if not all of our events. We understand that everyone has an obligation to academia, therefore exceptions to events will be granted upon early notice, however, please make sure you let us know in advance.

Phi Delta Epsilon has given to me my best friends at UC Davis. I have learned and grown so much with the help of all the people I have met through this fraternity. I feel a connection with each and every member and I know that no matter who I turn to for help, I will be met with a genuine kindness and support.
— Sarah Huynh, Omicron Class